2014 Hair Growth Journey


This weeks hairstyle – mini clusters

Save yourself from single strand knots, dry hair and tangles this week, whiles looking pretty awesome. With my hair shoulder length now, things are starting to get a bit challenging. This is my take a break hair, and it’s protective too. So whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly or just plan mine, you can rock this look.


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How to Do A Faux Hawk – Hair Tutorial

I like to wear my hair in half fro hawk when i have a day or two before my hair wash and I don’t have time for resetting my twist outs. So here is an easy tutorial on how to achieve that look in less than 6 mins.

This weeks hair style: 80’s twist out

After 2 1/2 weeks of up buns for the sake of protective styling, I decided to take a break.  Lets just say I may have taken the leave your hair alone too far. It was a jungle in there. After an hr of careful detangling, I learnt my lesson. Being lazy does not mean neglect  So after a nice deep cleanse and mud wash, I decided this week I am rocking the my 80’s twist out. Loving it already

photo (53) photo (54) photo (55) photo (56) photo (57) photo (58) photo (60)

Hairstyle for the week – Low hawk & Turtle buns

Soo with the heat we have had in the Pacific NW, there was no way I was going to let my hair fry, especially after all the hard work I have put in. Now we all know how lazy I am so I had to come up with some up dos that were quick and easy and sleep proof the result:

The beginning of my hair week which was last saturday, I worked this low hawk, which was totally awesome! I had soo much fun with it and it held up for a good 3 days

photo (41) photo (43) photo (42)

This Weeks hairstyles

This Weeks hairstyles

Day 4 begin the turtle buns. I used this as a way of  keeping y hair from sweating as the weather stayed hot. The spaces between  allowed my scalp to stay dry and breathe whiles the buns protected the ends. I liked this a lot!

photo (46) photo (49) photo (45) photo (48) photo (44) photo (47)

How to do twist outs without the wash & go.

Okay folks, As you well know now, I am loving the whole hair do thing now that I finally know how to work with my coils. This is my first tutorial on how I get my twist out look always looking tidy. This is a tutorial for everyone regardless of your hair type or texture. Just try it and see what happens. If you don’t have curly or coily hair and wish you could try, swap the water for gel and leave out the oil till you open your hair the next day. So if you get the courage to try it and it comes out great or not soo great tag a pic, it’s all in the love of having fun!