living green bag

Living green is very important to us in our house hold, or should I say it’s important to me and I just make my husband do it. My children, I teach the importance of being sustainable by doing the best we can for our environment, planet and having compassion for everyone that lives on it. After all what we do in our lives always has some impact on someone or something else.

Of course it’s not easy. Lets face it, living sustainably can be time consuming, and expensive, but it can also be cheap, and meditative.  Over time it is and will be worth it. At the wrong supermarket, organic can cost an arm and a leg, and lets not even think about the cleaning products, eco friendly cosmetics and soo on. How is anyone with no disposable income even suppose to come close to making a difference.

There are soo many things we  do in our everyday life that  make a difference, won’t cost us our life savings . For us sometimes GMO free is all we need, we shop organic , we shop locally, compost, recycle, eat vegetarian, grow food, take the bus but still own a car (a non sustainable one I might add), but no body’s perfect! Over time, I know I will make a difference, so will my children, and their children.


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