Knowing when it’s time to stop saying no

“mama, I love you” says mr 5yr as he cuddles my neck to hide his embarrassment.  He had just had a really bad fall in the park, doing something I would have in the past warned him about or asked him to stop. This time I had made the decision to let him be, after all trying to ollie on a scooter is what kids do even if it might result in an injury. So long as he stayed clear of other kids and tried in a safe space, he could do as he pleased. As we walked home holding hands I realised, I had no lecture for him on the reasons why doing stunts can be dangerous and the importance of being more calm when on a play date with a young lady. I could tell he was glad for that. The 40min walk home was a  quite and pleasant one, stopping whenever he pleased to admire, flowers, gardens or just ask a question. I did not rush him, and he admired the world in a whole new way.

How I got here took a bit of a re evaluation of my parenting. Where we were and what my children and I were accomplishing together. Sometimes life gets busy, hectic, and pretty loud and all you wish for is a quite, polite, pleasant, well mannered, tranquil child, like the kid next door. Than you remember that you can’t meet all those qualities you are wishing for, for your little one so why expect soo much form them soo soon when you after 30yrs are still working on it.

So now I ask why? And from there we work at it.



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