Sweet potato stir fry – It’s simple but ooh sooo tasty

You’ve opened the fridge several times, and it still seems like there is nothing in there to eat. How is this possible, especially since you just went shopping. You consider a sandwich, after all isn’t the whole point to get something into you, you promise your self you will eat something more substantial when you are out and about. Time catches up with you, the hours have gone by and you start to feel spent.  Your gut starts to hurt and you are pretty sure you are hearing voices; well maybe not, but hunger got. If only you had had the lunch you were meaning too a few hours ago.


Lets face it, making lunch for yourself is not always soo easy let alone trying to work out what to actually make that will not leave you feeling guilty, sluggish, and still hungry. So I’ve made it simple and quick and tasty for you.


See if you can find some or all the following ingredients in your house somewhere:

Half a sweet potato – High in vitamin A, beta – carotene. Which helps support the respiratory system as well as the immune system . I just love this root veg. It is also great for keeping the blood sugar low. A nice alternative to white potatoes, and rice.

hand full of broccoli – who doesn’t like broc? We it has calcium, potassium and even lutein, helpful for your eye sight.

2 celery sticks – not only is this vegetable hight in fiber, it is also great for moving excess fluid from the body. This was my go to food during my pregnancy, and I managed to escape the fluid retention associated with pregnancy. It can help lower blood pressure too, so combine with beets and cucumber if possible.

6-7 string beans – 

1 carrot – touching up, high beta – carotene and lutein. I am beginning to think these too  go hand in hand.

2 eggs – great for protein and omega 3. Be careful not to eat more than 1 egg per serve as the yoke is also high in cholesterol. It also contains some vitamin D and folate so, why not.


4 fresh shitake –  contains and a ridiculous amount of potassium that would put bananas to shame. It also has a good amount of Vitmin D2 when grown outdoors or exposed to UVB rays.

hand full of maitake mushroom – Maitake mushrooms are on my top 5 go to superfoods, sitting in at number 1 at the moment. It is amazing! Grown outside means it is high in Vitamin D, but also contains high anti oxidants. It has been shown to inhibit growth in some cancer cells while possessing anti cancer activity. It’s soo good that the FDA have approved  investigation into the formation of a new drug containing a portion of these mushrooms. Soo eat it up!

grapeseed oil & olive oil



Peel and cut sweet potato into small flat pieces. Put aside.

Now chop celery, carrots, shitake  into small chunk pieces. Crash maitake in hand and add to chopped veggies. Put aside

Next add 2 tablespoon of grapeseed oil or olive to frying pan. Add sweet potatoes only. Cook until soft and lightly brown.

Now add all vegetables and mushrooms  to frying pan, toss for 2 – 4 mins.

Beat eggs, and pour over veggies.  If you are vegan, skip this step and move on to plating. Once eggs are cooked. It’s ready to eat!

Serve with raw red cabbage & lettuce. Garnish stir fry with sliced red onions. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Sweet potato stir fry – It’s simple but ooh sooo tasty

  1. Zoe this looks delicious. I will try it in our next stop – Evercreech near Bath. I would like the recipe for the blueberry cake(?) that Zoeluma was holding after your blueberry picking session. You got lots more than when we went last year. Was it the same place? Libby

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