Left over raspberry Jam! Quick & Simple

You hear the fridge open and a few seconds later a little face appears with evidence of red markings around the month, he’s been in the raspberries again. You think to yourself, you bought 4 punnets, a few eaten berries should not change what you have in store for those lovely, red bubbly berries. Than you notice a tall figure hovering in the door of the fridge, what could he possible be doing in there, surely not eating the raspberries. Not the ones you had bought to make your first homemade preserve. You realize time is running out, it’s been two days since you bought the 4oz box, but life has been soo busy with school holidays, afternoon activities and procrastination that you pretty much had no time at all to make your preserves. It’s crunch time, another day and there will be nothing left. So you decide it’s time

photo (64)

Ingredients – what you are left with after everyone has helped themselves to the raspberries

2 cups of raspberries  (preferably organic or pesticide free)

1/2  cups raw sugar

Juice from 1medium  lemon


Jars – I like to do a simple sterilizing of my jar by filling it with extremely hot water from the kettle and covering the lid in a bowl with hot water too. Leave it as is till it is time to fill.

photo (63)

Wash raspberries and let water drain. Place in pot with sugar and   juice from half the lemon. Stir through and place on high heat. You will notice the raspberries dissolve. Once this begins to happen, begin using spoon to stir. Make sure nothing is sticking to the bottom of the pot. Let it boil for about 6mins and stir again. As the sauce starts to thicken, add juice from other half of lemon. Stir through. Continue to let it boil for additional 2-3 mins. remove from burner. Using a metal spoon, dip stop in preserve, let it stand. Once cool. If it becomes jelly like, it’s ready. If still a bit runny, place back on the burner for an additional 5mins on high heat than remove.

photo (62)

Empty water from canning or masonry jar. Place in your sterilized canning jar, let it stand till cool. Place in fridge and enjoy when ready!


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