Hairstyle for the week – Low hawk & Turtle buns

Soo with the heat we have had in the Pacific NW, there was no way I was going to let my hair fry, especially after all the hard work I have put in. Now we all know how lazy I am so I had to come up with some up dos that were quick and easy and sleep proof the result:

The beginning of my hair week which was last saturday, I worked this low hawk, which was totally awesome! I had soo much fun with it and it held up for a good 3 days

photo (41) photo (43) photo (42)

This Weeks hairstyles

This Weeks hairstyles

Day 4 begin the turtle buns. I used this as a way of  keeping y hair from sweating as the weather stayed hot. The spaces between  allowed my scalp to stay dry and breathe whiles the buns protected the ends. I liked this a lot!

photo (46) photo (49) photo (45) photo (48) photo (44) photo (47)


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