Zoe friendly muesli

So like everything else in my life, I am obsessive about what goes into my body. I am very limited with my breakfast these days, as I am always pressed for time (professional procrastinator) , so I like to know that I can eat something healthy and small whiles juggling an infant and child, my house, and work.

A little history. In 2005, I came across a little white book, issued by green peace to help you buy foods which were GM free. I was shocked to find that both my favorite go to breakfast cereals were in the red. So began my journey to GMO free eating and introduction to the organic life. Any way, lets just say I found a new love for muesli and porridge, with the regular sunday treat of  homemade pancakes.

photo (24)

As the time went on, I spent more money on toasted muesli than I’d care to think about and all the while wishing they would put less sugar, or more nuts, or just give me more for what I was paying. Over time they ingredients got better but so did the price increase. Healthy eating was in and at a hefty  price.

I was never satisfied with the ingredients and wanted more of a zoe friendly version. Just to remind you, the zoe friendly version would consist of the following:

low GI, low sugar, high protein ( up to 10g per serve), high fiber, dairy free, wheat free, Organic, GMO free, preservative free, high anti oxidant, pesticide free. That is not asking for much, right?

photo (25)

In 2011 we moved to the States, and that is when it all changed! Toasted muesli did not exists, at least not the way I knew it. I found the granola very sweet and limited in almost all things Zoe friendly. That is when I re introduced myself to the bulk bin. I have not looked back since.

Zoe Friendly Homemade Muesli

You will need the following

1 bowl

1 mixing spatula

2 baking trays

ingrediants: all organic if possible

4 cups of rolled oats

1   1/2 cups cranberries

1   1/2 cups raw almonds

1   1/2 cup cashews

1    cup pepita seeds 

1   cup flaxseed/linseeds

6  Tbsp olive oil

2  Tbsp blackstrap molasses 

3  Tbsp real maple syrup (grade b)

alternative for nuts – peanuts, brazilian nuts, pecans, hazelnut, sunflower seeds

alternative for cranberries – rasins, sultana, dried blueberries, dried cherries, chopped dried apricots

alternative for maple – honey, agave

alternative for oil – coconut oil

photo (8)

Preparation :

Place all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Next add 3 Table spoons of olive all or your alternative oil. Next add your molasses, followed by the remainder of your oil. Now add your syrup or alternative syrup. Mix it all together and place in the freezer for 5 -7 minutes. This will allow the syrup and oil to harden and leave your end result a lot crisper. Set your oven temperature at 185 – 205 degrees c or 365 – 400 degrees f. Remove mix from freezer and spread evenly on trays. Do not oil trays, do not put baking paper on trays. If you let mix in freezer in too look because you were checking your fb and now its frozen, let it stand for a few minutes to warm than spread. Place in oven. Set timer for 3 minutes. Stay off your fb! Take out after 3 minutes, fluff with fork and put back in oven for another 3 minutes, set timer again incase you ignored my fb warning. Remove after 3 minutes and fluff once more. Turn off oven and put trays back in for a final 3 minutes. Remove and let stand for about 30minutes to cool. Store in glass or BPA free container. ENJOY
photo (26)


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