How to pickle beets the zoe friendly way

A Bit of History

So my love of beets began when I was 27 weeks pregnant. I ended in hospital with a diagnosis of SEVERE pre eclampsia. (don’t panic, I signed myself out of hospital 4 days later) and had my bub at 40 weeks! Well, because I still had some pregnancy induced hypertension, I wanted to find ways to help reduce it and carry my baby to full term. That is when I discovered beets! So lets get to know it.

Beets or beetroot as some of us call it is a root vegetable. It is one of the most wonderful superfood that often gets neglected or never gets any credit for what it can do for you. So, why all the beet praise? For starters, it is potent in anti oxidants, and rich in nutrients that are essential for vascular health. That’s right, these babies make your heart and arteries a lot healthier. Beets, are high in:

magnesium – which is found in just about every part of your body, which makes it pretty important! About 50% alone is in your bones! Move over calcium, there’s a new mineral in town and her name is mag. Not only does she keep your heart beating to a steady well timed beat, she keeps your immune strong, your blood pressure down, your blood sugar low (especially when you are sneaking in those mid night not so low glycemic treats), and just to put the gluten free cup cake in your mouth, she helps you synthesize protein!

Than there is the potassium – this dude is freaking awesome! He works with sodium to initiate muscle contraction and helps eliminate excess sodium out of the body. He also helps you hold on to another friend calcium. Depending on who you are and how important calcium is for your body, this could be a good thing or not soo good thing. Either way we know what we are dealing with here. Be warned potassium can also be not soo friendly to some folks so watch out. The kidneys excrete excess potassium from the body so if you suffer from kidney disease, consume drinks that cause dehydration and forget to replenish with water on a regular human functioning basis, you might want to be extremely careful as it can cause toxicity!

Finally there is betaine – this has alot of words we don’t want to go into, so to keep it real, we will put it in a big omg 3 nut shell. Bet you read that as omega, huh? Staying on course, it pretty much protects the cells against osmotic stress and helps prevent dehydration, which could help counter the whole potassium issue for the diuretic drinkers out there. Still an issue for those with kidney disease though so beware and you can bring it up with your GP or Naturopath.

So now that you know alot more about beets, how do I eat it? Well, there is pickling, raw, in a juice, a salad, on a sandwich, like an apple <—-nah just kidding. Seriously though, I eat it with everything. Here is one way I do it

What you will need:

Lots and lots and lots of small to medium sized beets. Preferable the red ones.

apple cider vinager

sea salt

canning jars or any jars from your home built mason jars collection

Lets begin!

Wash beets and place on a try. Place in over set on 380 degrees F or 180 degrees C. Bake for 20mins and remove from oven to cool. My gorgeous mother in law taught me this trick!

Once you remove it from the oven, turn the oven off, you won’t be needing it anymore.

your beets should look something like this. The good news is if you were worried about too much potassium, the baking just cut it down to about half the original amount! Leave to cool. makes it easier to peel later.

next prepare your jars, by filling with hot water and letting stand

I like to use water from the kettle. If you would like a longer sterilizing period, you can put the jars in a pot and boil for about 10mins – 20mins

now place 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt to 1 cup of filtered water in a pot and 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and bring to boil. Add 4 garlic cloves to liquid and turn off stove.

Your beets should be cool now, peel skin of beets and cut into slices or small chunks

They should look like this when you are done and you hands should be nice and red!

These are great on everything! Enjoy them!

Empty water out of jars and place sliced beets in jars. Place one garlic clove in each jar and fill to top with apple cider mix. Seal and wait for jar to cool before placing in fridge. They can also be placed on the shelf until you are read to eat them. And remember, place the jar in the fridge once you have opened it. Enjoy! xx


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