Homemade organic ginger and lemon beer

You will need:

all ingredients are organic

at least .200gms of ginger ( I like it strong)

1 lemon

1 lime

10 cloves

2 litres of flitered water ( don’t think that needs to be organic, lol)

2 tables poons of honey

2 table spoons of sugar


1 glass bottle to hold 2 litres of fluid

1 electric juicer or a manual juicer

kettle to boil water


1 child that likes to help

using your manual or electric juicer, juice ginger,and  lemon with peel on.

dissolve honey and sugar in 250ml of water  over stove

in the main time, place the kettle on and fill glass bottle with hot water to help sterilize.

pour ginger and lemon juice in pot and heat tell honey and sugar dissolves.

add sparking water to heated ginger in pot. Turn off stove.

place cloves in glass bottle and add ginger and lemon mix and seal bottle for longer storage.


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