Back to school

Gosh, back to school began this week! This is one of the best times to really be green.  Today, we visited our  neighbourhood consignment, which ment we bought some lovely pre-loved clothes for our little one. The winter clothes were still pretty cheap and with winter just round the corner, we ceased the moment to save. Finding everything from snow boots, to gum boots, gloves, and socks, you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!

Next stop our BPA – free stainless steel water bottle, last year’s backpack

Our next stop for school supplies will include, recycled paper, eco pencils and the same backpack from last year!


Fresh squeezed and more

During my pregnancy, I found myself at 27 weeks and 4 days with an increase to my blood pressure. Lets just say everyone was freaking out. The summer was also not my friend. As it got hotter, the pregnancy swelling kicked in. I needed something to get me to term. I discovered Beets and a bit more. Everyday, my family and I had a glass or 2 of what I call beets and more.  My bp stayed lower, and my swelling was minimal. My doctor even asked what my secret was. Combined with other foods and supplements daily, I was able to carry my pregnancy to term without any complications. At 40 weeks and 4 days, our little baby arrived safe and sound at 9lbs 10oz! So we now live on bags of beets. Thank you beets and a bit more! Soo what did I juice? Check out the juice bar.